AviationSimNet® publishes an open specification that defines the rules, standards and guidelines for interoperating Air Traffic Management simulation systems over any size network, large or small. The specification was developed as a partnership between The MITRE Corporation, NASA Langley Research Center, FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center, NASA Ames Research Center, United Parcel Service, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and others in the aviation community.

The AviationSimNet specification leverages existing simulation and communications standards including the High-Level Architecture (HLA) for simulation data, TCP/IP for reliable networking, and Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) for radio communications. It itemizes the technical requirements for establishing and participating in an AviationSimNet simulation. download

The Federation Object Model (FOM) is AviationSimNet’s data dictionary for simulation objects and messages.  All participants must use a common FOM when joining the same simulation. The FOM is authored and extended as needed by the AviationSimNet community.

The Integration Manual provides a high-level perspective of the components, requirements and procedures for integrating air-traffic related simulation systems using the AviationSimNet specification.  It is designed to assist in estimating levels of effort and to guide potential participants through the process of joining AviationSimNet. download




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